Blogs and News Sites

Zdziarski’s Blog of Things
Author Jonathan Zdziarski’s blog on security and other topics.
Cybersecurity blog and news site.
Blog and news site for recent commercial and government data breaches.
Cybersecurity news and training geared towards the government sector.
Security Week
Cybersecurity news and analysis.
Cybersecurity news and blog.
Social media platform designed by Facebook for sharing threat information.
Slashdot Security
Cybersecurity news on Slashdot.
Wired Security
Security news brought to you by Wired.
Blog and news on Mac security.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
News and articles related to privacy and law.
News and articles on information warfare.
Blog on a variety of technical topics including passwords.
Freedom Hacker
Cybersecurity news and articles.
Cyber Defense Magazine
Cybersecurity news site and electronic magazine.
Security Affairs
Cybersecurity blog by Pierluigi Paganini.
The Hacker News
Cybersecurity news and blog.
Help Net Security
Cybersecurity news, reviews, and articles.
Security news, features, and analysis.
Samy Kamkar
Cybersecurity blog, videos, and research by Samy Kamkar.
One of the oldest magazines dedicated to all thinks hacking.
SC Magazine
IT security news and product reviews.
Google Online Security Blog
Google’s blog dedicated to cybersecurity topics.
Dark Reading
Cybersecurity news and articles.
Web Policy
Blog by Jonathan Mayer focusing on cybersecurity law and politics.
Schuyler Towne Blog
Blog by Schuyler Towne focused on locks and lockpicking.
Krebs on Security
Cybersecurity blog by Brian Krebs focused on current events and cybercrime.
CERT division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.
Schneier on Security
Cybersecurity blog by Bruce Schneier focused on cryptography and privacy.
United States Computer Emergency Response Team.  News, articles, guidance, and publications.