Latest articles

User authentication and cybercrime solutions.
Security Scorecard
Risk posture information on organizations and domains.
Password guidance: simplifying your approach
Guidance on password creation and usage issued by the UK Government.
Log Expert
Log analysis program for Windows logs.
Scumblr and Sketchy
Tools developed by Netfilx to automate searches of discussions, blogs, and other Internet data for malicious intent. [...]
Workshop on the Economics of Information Security
Interdisciplinary conference on cybersecurity, economics, social science, law, and policy.
Social media platform designed by Facebook for sharing threat information.
Slashdot Security
Cybersecurity news on Slashdot.
Wired Security
Security news brought to you by Wired.
Blog and news on Mac security.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
News and articles related to privacy and law.
Research Electronics International
Tools for detecting surveillance devices.
Information warfare conference dating back to the early 1990’s.
News and articles on information warfare.
The Open Organization of Lockpickers
Organization educating the general public on locks and lockpicking (TOOOL).
Exploit Database
Historical archive of exploits and shellcode.  Also includes an extensive Google hacking database.
Network security and vulnerability management software.
Microsoft Windows configuration scanner by Tripwire.
List of the top 125 network security tools and home of the Nmap port scanner.
Vulnerability scanner and manager by Rapid7.
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
Vulnerability scanner for Microsoft Windows.
Vulnerability scanner and assessment tool.
Open-source vulnerability scanner and manager.
Blog on a variety of technical topics including passwords.
Information Assurance Support Environment
Cybersecurity tips, guidance, training, and STIGs from the US Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).
Freedom Hacker
Cybersecurity news and articles.
Low cost software defined radio.
Cyber Defense Magazine
Cybersecurity news site and electronic magazine.
Security Affairs
Cybersecurity blog by Pierluigi Paganini.
The Hacker News
Cybersecurity news and blog.